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So we have this cat, Cup cake. We got “her” last year when “she” was just a kitten. I’m sitting outside watching “her” sun bathe and I realise SHIT!!!!!!! She has balls and a you know what. She’s not a cup cake. She’s a beef cake!!!!!!
What will I do if the kids see this????

Just parental thoughts on a friday. Don’t mind me.

So this picture was sent to me yesterday by friends. They realised that today was going to be Good Friday and no alcohol would be available for sale anywhere so they prepared themselves in case they got thirsty, lol…….
The only time the Irish panic!!!!!

Driving home from work. Think I overdosed on coffee, lol……
Quiet night, all good. Got some bacon and eggs to go with my coffee :-)
should be in my bed in an hour or so.

Two movies I recommend that I have seen this week…..
Pain and gain, soooo funny!!!
& 300 rise of the empire.
Excellent movies, loved both of them!!!!!
Anyway must resume the drive home. Listen to me this week, all chatty and talkative. I sound like a hugger, lol. Sound almost human. Must go back to being the strong silent type, suits me better : p

Have a good one, I’ll catch up later


9am, just home from my night shift. Quiet night, no unexpected calls, no rolling around on the ground, no sickening adrenalin crashes. Somebody must have been watching over me, lol. No rats or mice scampering around either. Must be the good weather. Maybe they went on their holidays…….
Night shifts only come around once every two months thankfully but that makes them hard to adjust to. I’ve just eaten my breakfast before I go to bed and I will eat my dinner when I get up before I go to work. Strange but it’s not worth changing routine for the sake of two night shifts.

The kids have informed me that they read about killer bees yesterday and that they will not be venturing outside in the good weather anymore, lol. Lets see how long that lasts. I give it two hours max!!!!!

Easter egg hunt in the back garden this Sunday for the kids :-) I’m not eating chocolate :-(

Reading like crazy lately and loving it. Just one of those phases I guess but a good one.

Shoulders are still burning from yesterdays overhead presses. Best feeling in the world :-)

Anyway, listen to me rambling on and on. I’m awake 25 hours at this stage and although I feel okay I better go to bed. I need my beauty sleep : p

Goodnight/Good morning y’all

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